A resource for artists and models in Cumbria.

24 May

Having visited a few of the life drawing classes in and around North Cumbria, I thought it would be an idea if we could collect all the info together in one place, so this is it, unless anyone comes up with anything better! We’re a bit of a spread out county and it sometimes feels that communication between our various groups is a little lacking, so hopefully this blog can be used to keep everyone up to date and to help artists and models find classes.

I’m inspired by this rather excellent blog here;

And I hope we can show some artwork to rival what’s been shown there;)

For anyone who doesn’t know me already, I’m a full time single dad, a part time Japanese teacher, an occasional model for art classes and I design tattoos for a bit of extra cash. My website will be here for the tattoos;

I should be attending my regular life class at Papcastle today, but I’m off looking after sick kids instead, so my next report will probably be about the Vine and Roses class in Penrith.

And just to get started on the artwork, here is one I did at the Ivegill class a few weeks back. I like to stick to my trusty Japanese brush and pencils for artwork, but promise to try paints one day. The model didn’t have that tattoo BTW, that’s just photoshopped on for my website;

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One response to “A resource for artists and models in Cumbria.

  1. Clive Firth

    June 5, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    Great site! Well Done, just the type of site needed.


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