Silloth yesterday.

09 Jul

It was the first of, hopefully, many life drawing classes at The Space in Silloth Community Hall yesterday. I had no idea what to expect from Silloth, to be honest. I’ve only ever been there with the girls to see the seaside, and that was ages ago. Also, being dependent on Cumbria’s rather lacking public transport ‘system’ means getting there is a bit awkward too. In the end I decided to set off early and have a nose around the place first.

It’s a nice place, lovely bit of seaside and great views across the Solway. There are some great old buildings too, and it’s one of these places that the corporate world obviously hasn’t heard of, so it’s largely untouched by the High Street Chains. There was some rally going on for odd little three wheeled cars too, and posters up for a Civil War reenactment on the weekend, which just added to the general ambience.

The class itself went very well, I thought. At least from the point of view of being the model. There were plenty of cushions, chairs and blankets, and Clive had gone to the trouble of making me a foot wedge so I could do standing poses with a bent leg. This turned out to be more painful than I anticipated however, I’ll have to get used to them. There were some great drawings done, despite everyone’s protestations that they were terribly out of practice, and the two hours seemed to go by very quickly.

The classes are running for the next five weeks or so initially, with the possibility of extending it further, so there’s the chance of a day out in Silloth over the summer, with a bit of drawing thrown in from two until four, and then off to one of the pubs for a pint. Good day out in my book.

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  1. Clive Firth

    July 9, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    Hi Gavin and thank you for the great write up! I’ve been in Silloth for just over six years and loving every minute of it!

    We are hoping to make the Life Drawing a weekly event, but early days yet… I think Silloth is a place that almost time forgot, people are great friendly and helpful; also Silloth lends itself to many possible Art’s and Crafts. Hopefully The Space will grow from strength to strength.


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