More new classes;)

26 Aug

A quick look at the Cumbria County Council ad ed website reveals there are a couple more classes coming up. Penrith are going ahead with classes on Wednesdays at Vine and Roses, which is a great venue. Contact them through the ad ed website, though, at rather than the V&R contacts listed below.

Workington Adult Ed are also starting a course on Tuesday nights from the 27th September. Unfortunately the contact details on Cumbria CC’s website appear to be wrong, listing the email as So my first missive fell foul of the Mailor Daemon, a name that suggests too much time playing World of Warlocks or whatever, and convinces me that all these computer geniuses who put t’interweb together should have been forced outside by their mothers occasionally and made to play Rugby on frozen pitches. Unlike us sensitive artist types who were doing something useful with our time indoors, like copying Spiderman comics. However, using the finely honed detective skills learned from Spiderman and Judge Dredd comics, I deduced that someone had simply missed an ‘l’ out and the contact should be .

And because I haven’t put a picture up for a while, here’s a new one;

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