Today at Papcastle.

01 Nov

Papcastle and Wilf again today. I tried to avoid lines too much in drawing him, which is something art teachers always tell you to do, but you ignore them. Or I did anyway, mostly because they were always on about all sorts of other crap like collage and I wanted to learn to draw. If they’d explained it would help make pictures look like photographs, I’d have listened, but this was the seventies and eighties, making drawings look like photographs was a cardinal sin. The term “cardinal sin'” was probably also a cardinal sin, as it implied a patriatic hierachy we were all supposed to reject. I was all for this in general, and especially in RE lessons, but in art I just wanted a little direction as to how to do all the stuff I wasn’t supposed to be doing.
Betty Edwards’ book, Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain, was a big help in finally getting some idea of how to draw things as they are, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone. And fortunately the art teachers I’ve worked for as a model are all very good at explaining things like proportions and negative space. Being the model also forces me to actually listen, instead of belligerently thinking I know best all the time. Who knows? One of those hippy art teachers might have mentioned something about measuring out the figure at some point…
Not much news right now. The Crown Gallery has had to unfortunately postpone its life classes for the time being, but there is an allday workshop at Trinity School this weekend and still plenty of room at Vine and Roses’ Wednesday afternoon classes.

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