Papcastle life drawing.

07 Feb

Due to a bit of a miscommunication, we had no model for the last Workington class. So I ended up stripping off again. I’m a long way from describing myself as a “nudist”, but stripping off for art classes doesn’t really bother me. There are a few people contemplating it, I know, and the first time is quite daunting, but it’s not that scary when you eventually drop the gown.

Today at Papcastle, the model was the very experienced Martin Rowe, whose blog is linked down the side; It’s the second time I’ve drawn Martin, but the first was a class I was teaching, so I didn’t get much chance to really draw. As a likeness, it’s not brilliant, but I’m quite pleased with the textures I managed to get in with my new toys from our local pencil makers. I think Derwent have just gone and changed the artist tools pack, but the one I picked up the other day had two embossing tools and a variety of other bits and bobs like silicone blenders. I’m not too sure about the blenders, good old paper stumps worked for me for ages, but that’s probably just my Luddite tendencies. I never really got over phones not being made of Bakelite anymore, so I see silicone blenders as one step closer to computers taking over the world and giant robots rounding us up into camps. However, I will grudgingly concede that they do work quite well and you can get some good effects with the shapes they have.

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