More of the usual.

02 Mar

I had my first proper modelling class in two months this week, at Vine and Roses. It’s an adult ed class and seems to have filled up nicely and it was good to get back into the whole sitting there with no clothes on. I think if you leave it too long between doing it you start getting nerves again and I certainly felt nervous that time. It’s been my choice to step away from it, firstly to get more drawing done and also to get more models involved. It’s not good for any class to be stuck using the same models time and time again, and I’d hate for anyone to stay away from a class because they were sick of drawing me.

I also wanted to use the time to shift some weight, which is slow going, but at least going. Not that being in “perfect shape” is what is needed in a life drawing subject. I just know that if I’m drawing a bloke, I’d prefer to draw someone with some muscle definition, so it seems only fair to be in reasonable shape myself. I think it’s going to take another couple of months to shift it properly.

Drawing is a ten minute sketch done whilst teaching at the Grammar school.

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