New/old directions.

01 May

I’m heading in a new direction with my art now, or retreading an old path. There’s a very interesting festival of manga and Japanese culture on at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal and I’ve been asked along to do some workshops. So I’m digging out my old comics ideas to start drawing comics again. This one is Ben Andanti, Astral Bodyguard and I’ll have it up in a blog fairly soon.

Because of this, I’m cutting down on my life drawing commitments, and also the modeling. It’s been a good thing to try, and, with some reservations, I’d encourage anyone to give it a go. It’s great for confidence, and for learning about your own attitudes to nudity and your body. We are slightly hung up about willies and fannies in this country, and it’s silly really. Most of us have one or the other, after all and the world doesn’t end if they appear in public. Women of course have it harder as they’re constantly encouraged to worry about just about every part of themselves, and it’s sad how many perfectly beautiful women have told me they wished they had the confidence to model for a life class. I think if they gave it a go, they’d maybe get the confidence, but it’s a big step for some people.

I’m not giving up the life classes entirely, there are a few more adult ed classes I’ll model for as they’re a bit short of CRB checked models and I don’t want classes to have to close. And it’s sod’s law that there’ll always be a time when a model doesn’t turn up and everyone turns to me! This is one downside to agreeing to model even once – you will be asked again. But for now I’m being a comic artist again 😉

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