Absolute Beginners Class in Wigton

16 May

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Wigton Adult Education are running a workshop for absolute beginners on June 2nd at the Bowling Club, 10-4. Full details on their website here;

Although you’ll probably have to phone them. The drawings to this post are provided by Alex Jakob-Whitworth of myself, to give any newbies a rough idea of what they’re letting themselves in for. As usual on seeing pictures of myself, I think I really ought to stop building up my back and start doing some sit ups, but as usual I’ll probably just go and throw a 48kg kettlebell around instead. I’m not pretty, but I can do stuff 🙂

Alex does some very good horse pictures, something I can never get the hang of, and more of her work can be found here;

There’s a selection of drawings, as the usual scenario is to do a few short drawings to warm up before attempting a longer, more detailed one at the end. I don’t think the teacher has anything quite so complicated to draw in mind this time though. It’s going to be a fairly relaxed, turn up and have a go, sort of a day.

There are also a number of Saturday workshops at the Bowling Club, same times, on the 26th May, 16th and 30th of June, and 7th July. Open to all, including beginners. I’ve drawn at a couple of these and they’re always good value.


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