A year of blogging.

23 May

It’s coming up to a whole year of me running this blog, which I hope has been of some small use in getting classes running in Cumbria, and also getting a few new models and artists started. Most classes are winding down for the Summer holidays now, so there won’t be much work going until September, but there’s still a chance to draw at the Wigton classes. Papcastle and Vine and Roses,and Carlisle are doing some more workshops towards the end of July.

Being a sparsely populated county, one of the issues facing models here is people you know turning up for classes, or, if you’re an artist, turning up for classes and seeing someone you know. This has happened to me a few times, and, through modeling for classes, I’ve got to know quite a few people too, so I know it can happen, and cause embarrassment. However, I’ve found there’s been very little awkwardness in the end. Artists are there to draw a person, not to cast judgement upon them, and are usually too impressed by the bravery of a model in baring all to find fault with their bodies.

I don’t think the life drawing class is quite the asexual atmosphere that some will say, and I’m sure most people have a bit of a look when the model first drops his or her robe…we’re all human and it’s always interesting to see new bums, boobs or bits. Most of the internet is bums, boobs and bits, let’s be honest, so there’s clearly a market. But that very quickly passes and artists start concentrating on the important stuff, like expressing character, or drawing that fantastic clavicle, those beautiful eyes, or even the great pair of feet. The eyes are drawn to what is interesting or beautiful about a person when drawing them and that’s, surprisingly for some people, seldom the three B’s.

So if you do model in Cumbria, and you meet someone you know, rest assured they will just quickly ascertain that you have a penis, or breasts and a vagina, which are probably things they already suspected about you, and then get on with drawing.

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