C-Art and classes begining in September again.

24 Aug

This rather handsome fellow is called Sampson, and was painted by Alex Jakob-Whitworth. You can see more of her work in her studio as part of the upcoming C-Art event. A whole bunch of interesting and talented artists are letting people into their studios to see where the magic happens.
Alex’s work can be found here is well worth seeing in real life (just look out for the mini people whilst there!). Alex’s studio is open 12 noon til 5pm, weds thru to Sunday, first two weeks in September.

The Summer Holidays are drawing to a close, so that means life drawing classes will be starting again. There’s space for any aspiring artists at the Papcastle group near Cockermouth, which will be starting again on September 11th at 10 in the village hall. Braithwaite starts the same week, but I think they’re pretty full right now. And Vine and Roses just never seems to stop, if anyone is in Penrith and desperately keen to draw.

There will be taught classes from Adult Education at various venues. I’m doing a class at Workington, Alex has one in Penrith, Katy Little will be doing classes in Carlisle and Thirlie is doing classes in Wigton. They’re all much better teachers than I am, but I ruthlessly steal their ideas whenever I model for them.

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