Playing with layers on the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

11 Mar

I had another play with the tablet at Papcastle last week, as I’ve figured out the layers…sort of. Layers are something a few people have mentioned finding difficult to comprehend, and I don’t know how they work or anything, but I tend to think of them as transparent sheets you put on the picture and then colour in. 🙂 That’s as technical as I get really. Sketchbook allows three layers at mid resolution, and up to eight at low res. I wanted to use a medium resolution because I like to get into the details of the eyes and face, but maybe a lower resolution would have allowed me to play with colour more.
For this picture, I ended up having to merge layers down to get more colours in, using fairly transparent layers on top to add in greens and red to the skin tones, merging them down and then creating another layer. If I’d stuck to low res, I’d have had more layers to play with.
Sketchbook could also really do with a blend tool in the Android version. You can get around this by playing with the eraser set at different levels of opacity, but it’s pretty slow.
On the whole, I’m reasonably happy with the picture, and the new stylus, with some sore of fabric tip instead of the squashy sticky rubber tips most of them have, is a definite improvement. But it’s still work in progress.

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