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Another new class near Penrith.

The class that used to be in Vine and Roses has found a new home in the Invisible Orchard in Morland, which looks like a pretty kewl place all round I might see some of you there.

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More new classes in Carlisle.


Helen Walsh is running another term’s worth of classes in Carlisle, details above. Tullie House have also been doing some classes, and will hopefully continue.

I was down at Florence Mine in Egremont for an all day class with some local artists, which went very well. It’s always nice to meet new artists, and hopefully we’ll be able to arrange for more classes, be they taught or run as artists’ groups who share the cost of a model. There was far too much talent on display not to carry on with the life drawing.

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More Samsung Galaxy drawings.

Sketch1921326SC20130219-110356 SC20130219-111045 SC20130219-111637 SC20130219-111815 SC20130219-112249 SC20130219-112330 SC20130219-113223 SC20130219-113555 SC20130219-121241 SC20130219-121902 SC20130219-122530 SC20130219-122836SC20130219-123911I got an automatic upgrade on my Sketchbook pro app for the tablet, so decided to give it a whirl at the Papcastle class today. It’s a wee bit over an hour’s sketching and I thought I’d take a few screenshots to show how I did it. Not that it turned out particularly brilliant in the end, but there’s precious little around on how to draw with a tablet, so maybe it’ll be of use to someone. 🙂

I began with a scribble, going by eye. One problem I find is that the screen is just too small to measure out properly, so she ended up with a bit of a giant foot. What does work, though, is the zoom, which is great for fiddly little details like toes. So once I got the basic shapes in, I could zoom in and out to get the details. That’s a double edged sword if you’re as picky as me – I get a bit bogged down in them!

After that I mucked about with the opacity settings to give a quick ‘wash’ with some grey shadows. I followed that with some flesh tone washes, building the skin tones up.

It’s a useful exercise and a fun way to draw. I didn’t get her right, but there are bits I do like about the drawing. I think ideally I’d like to draw with pencil, scan it in and then use the tablet to fix it and colour it. I’ve started doing this with some of my comic artwork for my other blogs, and it works well.

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Life drawing in Wigton coming up

There are some new all day classes starting in Wigton, beginning with an absolute beginners class this weekend, 6th October. They’re always cracking value I think and, as usual, artists can sign up to them all for a slightly reduced fee, or just for the ones that are convenient.
I’ve got a bit of work teaching in Workington and sitting in Carlisle and Wigton this week. I’ll have to try and do some more drawing with the Samsung tab, that seems to turn up a lot in searches.


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