End of year coming up…

03 Dec

CCF01222012_00000 copy

It’s December and I suddenly realised I hadn’t done any new posts for months. I’ve been too busy teaching to do a lot of either modeling or drawing 😦 I did the above drawing of Anne at the grammar school in Penrith, where I’m teaching a class of sixth formers. They’re all very good, which makes me look good. The picture was just a five or ten minute pencil drawing, that I inked over and then coloured in photoshop. I’ll have to go back and do them toenails, mind. Get the toenails in and you’ve won half the battle with feet, I think. And it’s especially easy with painted toenails.

It’s not a brilliant likeness, but okay for a quick sketch, and I got the coloured hair in!

Next year I’m hopefully continuing the class in Workingtonm which has had to finish early as we didn’t get enough students this term. I’ll also do a Saturday workshop, probably around the 17th. So now there are just two classes to teach and a couple to sit for before the end of term.

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